Bound Together: 10 Day Countdown

It’s 10 days until Nashville Marriage Studio’s FIRST Premarital Education Workshop. I’m not sure if I can contain my excitement.

In honor of the premiere of Bound Together, I am counting down the days Dave Letterman style one day at a time…

10 Reasons You Really Want To Be At Bound Together:

10 – Bound Together will save you money. And not just because you get a $60 discount on your TN marriage license. No, I’m talking bigger picture, People. Getting premarital education decreases the likelihood of getting a divorce by 30%.

That means you’re 30% less likely to file for divorce (which is expensive).

You’re 30% less likely to hate your life because your marriage sucks and happy people make more money.

You’re also 30% less likely to ever have to do any of this wedding stuff over again. Ok, doing the wedding stuff over again would be kind of fun. How about, you’re 30& less likely to have to pay for any of this wedding stuff all over again? Much better.

Bound Together. It’s like money in your pocket.

Bound Together: 10 Day Countdown

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