The Broken Windows Theory and Your Marriage

The Broken Windows Theory says that once a neighborhood “lets itself go” (broken windows, litter, graffiti) the residents begin to believe the whole place has gone to pot, people start to move out and crime soars. The theory says that if you take care of the little things (the broken window) then the crime never happens.

broken window

Even Mayor Giuliani subscribed to the theory and significantly cleaned up the streets of New York City, both in crime and broken windows.

I wonder if the theory would work with a marriage. Immediately fix the minor things (the broken windows) and avoid becoming a delinquent behavior mecca.

So what are some little things, or broken windows, that most marriages allow to stick around their marriage?

– Interrupting each other.
– Not speaking up when your feelings are hurt.
– Criticizing each other.
– Not taking time out to have fun together.
– Refusing sex/affection.
– Belittling each other’s feelings.
– Not getting dressed up/ taking care of yourself.
– Trying to hide from arguments.
– Not listening to the other person’s point of view.

That’s just a short list. What are some broken windows that you’ve seen or experienced that you want to start fixing today?


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The Broken Windows Theory and Your Marriage

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