Are you a fanboy?

You might have heard that the new iPhone bends. It’s become a bit of a ‘scandal’ (#bendgate), and has reenergized the familiar war between Apple People vs. Droid People.

The only reason I know about this ‘scandal’ is because Mark is a Droid People. He loves his Samsung Note, and he loves seeing the Apple Dynasty crumble, er, bend? Despite getting some entertainment out of Bendgate, he was a little bit frustrated. How could all of these Apple fanboys still be fanboys? How could they still want and (gasp) defend such an inferior product?

Apple People are ‘defending’ their iPhones because they love their iPhones. They have a history of awesome with their iPhones and a little bend never hurt anyone. Apple People are loyal, even in the face of adversity.

It made me think, am I a ‘fanboy’ for Mark? When he does something wrong, makes a mistake, or shows his weaknesses, do I remain loyal and defend him? Or am I more like the Droid People, eager to point out the ways he has screwed up?

Your marriage needs a fanboy (or fangirl). You need to be on his team, not on the sidelines with all the other haters. You need to focus on the good in your partner, not on everything he is not. You need to see the faults and choose to love him anyways, not waiting until he is perfect before you embrace him.

I guess I’m just asking if we can please try to love our spouses as well as we love our gadgets? Please?

What makes you ‘fanboy’ (or fangirl) over your spouse?

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Babyproof Your Marriage: 10 Expectations Every Couple Should Discuss

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We spend a lot of time getting ready for baby. We paint nurseries and avoid sushi and practice our breathing so that we won’t need drugs during labor. Every corner of our life is held up for inspection and determined if it’s ready for a baby.

Every corner of life except our relationships.

I put together a free guide of the 10 Expectations Every Couple Should Discuss Before the Baby Arrives so you can know how to prepared for the biggest life change you and your relationship will ever experience. There are 100 questions for you and your spouse to discuss that cover everything from whether he’s allowed to sleep while you’re pushing a baby out of your hoo-ha to defining what it means when someone says ‘clean the kitchen.’ Your relationship is about to change, lets be prepared to make it all for the best.

You babyproofed your house and your diet… let’s babyproof your marriage!

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Marriage Links #008

Marriage Links are things me, Becca, or you have found around the Internet that made you think differently about marriage. If you have written something you’d like featured here, please send it to I’d love to include you!

“I gave this print to my wife, back when we first got engaged. It hangs in our living room, a nice little reminder etc.”
Hugh MacLeod at gapingvoid, I Choose This Life

“Her support, her complete and utter 100,000% support, is a major factor that gives me the headspace I need to be all-in and do my thing at VaynerMedia. I’m able to give 100% devotion to my businesses for enormous amounts of time every day because of Lizzie and the way she supports me.”
Gary Vaynerchuk at Medium, The Significance of Your Significant Other

“Because marriage is not built for our enjoyment. It’s meant to be a challenge. It’s supposed to force us to rise up and become that better version of ourselves that can only happen when we have a daily force in our lives that inspires us to get there. My husband is not afraid to call me on my nonsense and I live in that role for him as well.”
Tara at The Young Mommy Life, “I had to lose myself so I could love you better”

“As I fumed on my way home, I had a huge realization.  Chris and I communicate differently about money.  My “we’re doing good” and his “we’re doing good” mean two completely different things.  We need to talk in dollar figures.  I need to hear from him, “We have X amount of money to spend this week.””
Katie at Marriage Confessions, Marriage, Money, and Mario

I felt like this scene from Big Bang Theory explains so much about men. So much.
Big Bang Theory



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Join the Pink Veil Project!

pink veil


Brides are running for a cure, ya’ll! The Pink Veil Project is a team participating in the Greater Nashville Komen for the Cure 5k on October 25th. We want you to join us!

It’s just for fun – there’s nothing extra to pay (except for your race fee and a recommended added donation). Bring your bachelorette party, celebrate your wedding anniversary with your bridesmaids from back in the day, or just meet other Nashville wives. Everyone is welcome!It’s not super serious – we’re expecting all levels of fitness. If you feel like you need to train, check out the Couch to 5k plan here. And walking is ok!

Get fancy – prizes will be awarded for Best Costume. See details below. 

Be a part of The Pink Veil Project with these three easy steps:

Step 1: Sign up for our team HERE. Add a $5 (or more) tax deductible donation.

Step 2: It’s a nice day for… A white 5k! We’ll be wearing white! Of course! Is anyone brave enough to wear their bridal gown? Modify a wedding dress from a thrift store – Or just wear all-white running gear!

And don’t forget your pink veil… Make one or buy one here, here, or here.

Step 3: Show up! We’ll see you on October 25th. Meet at 8 a.m. in front of Publix.

Parking Map

Watch for updates on our Facebook page!


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Marriage Links #007

marriage linksMarriage Links are things me, Becca, or you have found around the Internet that made you think differently about marriage. If you have written something you’d like featured here, please send it to I’d love to include you!

It is now becoming a trend to… wait for it… TALK about your expectations before you bring baby home.
Parents-to-be draw up pregnancy contracts in new trend via WSMV

Research says, “Happy wife, happy life.” Pay attention, Men.
A wife’s happiness is more crucial than her husband’s in keeping marriage on track via Rutgers

Are all of your physical/affection needs being met by baby? How does the hubs feel about that?
Motherhood Mondays: Who gets the best kisses? via Cup of Jo

Angels get wings every time someone writes marriage advice that doesn’t make me feel like gagging.
5 Cynical Marriage Tips Every Couple Needs to Learn via Cracked
8 Things I’ve learned about marriage via Cup of Jo

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Marriage Prep School is Open!

marriage prep 10

Marriage Prep School is officially open for enrollment and I’m beyond excited about it!

This is a program that I created after years of working with engaged and newlywed couples, and it is not like any other marriage prep currently available.

It is marriage prep created by me, a 31-year old wife and mom that would rather talk to you about the latest season of Orange is the New Black, and not an old, conservative dude that might judge you for living together before you’re married.

It is marriage prep that is beyond thorough. You will cover everything from why no one talks about Aunt Jenny’s first husband to what you guys will eat for dinner on Tuesday. No, seriously, there’s even a meal plan sheet in there.

It is marriage prep that you can do from home. And if you (or your fiancee) are introverts I know that bit of information has you like this:

It is marriage prep that encourages you two to make time for date night for the good of your relationship. Specifically, every course has a Movie Night Assignment where you two get to watch a movie and then talk about it. And the movies are all available via streaming on Netflix. And they aren’t just chick flicks. And me and the groom are like this:

Every couple has their reasons for why they do or don’t want to do marriage prep, but I’m hoping Marriage Prep School can change your mind and let you know that you CAN walk into the biggest decision of your life well prepared.

Couples that enroll in Marriage Prep School by Friday, September 19th are receiving some great bonus items so you’ll definitely want to mark this off of your Wedding To-Do list soon!

Invest in your marriage with Marriage Prep School today!


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NMS #004: The Fight about the Sex


Mark and I had this fight (it really wasn’t a fight, more a disconnection) while we were about to… Hint, Hint. If you are related to us in any way I would go somewhere else on the internet today. Also, it’s silent for, like, 30 seconds at the beginning and I have no clue why so that’s the head’s up.

What we talk about:

  • Mark and Marie AWKWARDLY talk about sex.
  • Mark wants too much information during the sex.
  • Mark knows better. He really does.
  • Marie is failing at life and this was the breaking point.
  • Mark saves the day with his listening ears!
  • Got back on track in, like, 5 minutes!
  • How to say stupid stuff and still get laid… our new tagline!

Links to things we talk about:

  • Marriage Prep School is out now! Get yours before Friday, Sept. 19th and get all kinds of fun bonuses!
  • We’re still in love with David and Laurel at the the RED Podcast and wanted to send a shout out their way for the inspiration.

Want our help?

We’d love to help you guys learn the skills to be able to walk through your arguments and misunderstandings with the least amount of damage possible. Check out our coaching services and find out if we’d be a good fit for you!

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